In the Old Testament, Ruth was a woman who proved loyalty and oneness with the will of God. Through my photography, I strive to freeze the moment of what is being captured, and stay true to the story being told. In her loyalty, Ruth says, “Wherever you go I will go, wherever you stay I will stay.” (Ruth 1:16). When taking photos, I desire to travel to where you are, and be genuine in relaying through my artwork what God has created. Creatively, my photos are natural, yet assorted; clinging to the story the moment has been put into. God alone has given me the talents I hold, therefore, He is involved in the entire process. My middle name is Ruth, so I’ve felt connected to this four chapter book in the Old Testament for many years. She inspires me as a creator to stay steadfast in what God has gifted me, and to point all credit back to the Creator.