Well hey there! Thanks for giving my photography a piece of your time. 

My name is Maclaine. I'm from all over the place, but I currently reside in Northern Indiana. I began photography when I was 16 years old. My humble beginnings started with some iPhone camera pictures of flowers on my back porch. It wasn't until high school and college when I got technical in my photography & understanding everything that goes into a single shot. As I've learned more about photography, I've learned more about the love of the Father. It is very important to me to allow God to direct everything I do, & that includes my creative process. Below is my creative process, & all glory goes to Jesus for inspiring my heart & this entire vision. 

The Vision

The colors: I've been playing around with different color palettes for a while in my photography, however, my favorites are my bright blues and greens, & my muted pastels. In the creation story (Genesis 1:10), the Lord created green & blue: "God called the dry land 'earth,' and the basin of water he called 'sea.' God saw that it was good.". I focus on these two colors & make sure every photo have complimentary blues & greens. 

The name: If you haven't already, check out my homepage to read about how I said yes to the name Photos by Ruth. The book of Ruth in the Old Testament has inspired most of my branding. I've pulled multiple images from this short story to form my vision for my photography. Ruth also happens to be my middle name, so I've always felt a close tie to her story.

The logo: The design at the top of my website is hand-drawn barley. In the book of Ruth, she works loyally as a grain harvester, and is given six measures of barley by the man who takes her as his wife. I love the fact that plants God created at such a long time ago are still present to us this day. I also enjoy taking photos in long grass fields and meadows - somewhere I could picture Ruth walking through.